Pencil & Paper Knit Art Alex & Viviana Santamarina 2004

Pencil & Paper Knit Art Alex & Viviana Santamarina 2004

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Pencil & Paper Knit Art in Acrylic Shadowbox 10"wx14"d by Alex & Viviana Santamarina 2004
Viviana, a designer, and Alejandro, a painter, began in 1982 working with unusual design and arts materials. They started designing a line of contemporary jewelry, fashion accessories and home furnishings and since 1987 they have introduced a line of modern home accessories, along with lamps and furniture.
Their work got immediate recognition and Galleries Museum Shops and Stores all over the country from the Guggenheim museum store to the Milwaukee art museum. Their designs are also featured in galleries in London, Japan, Mallorca and Buenos Aires. Today over 100 Galleries and Museum stores throughout the U.S. carry their designs.
Artist Statement:
"Ours is the attempt to capture the moment before or in between the creative process takes place and materializes, when and where the most common and basic elements that are used in Art, like pencils, sketch pads and brushes, play a different role.
For many years we were using these tools as instruments, what we now tried is to turn them into protagonists.
Usually we use blank surfaces and draw or paint as little as possible. We try to catch something that goes beyond the artistic gesture, which may bring some ideas about Art or aesthetic statement, hoping to capture the subconscious mix of excitement and angst that precedes the artistic gesture.
We bring a certain aggression and destruction to the pieces to describe the tension that creation generates and the intensity of bringing chaos into balance. Also the objects we created through the process described above become themselves instruments of creation and unusual or not-thought Art. At the same time these pieces/instruments are capable of acting, in unexpected ways, as drawing tools.
Another way of seeing our work is to not pay much attention to the statements above and let the mystery, excitement, intrigue and similar feelings to come out of the pieces.
We hope emotions will emanate from our work because of unknown and inexplicable processes that are better understood by the making and through the experience of actually standing in front of our pieces, sometimes words are futile and shortcoming when describing a visual event."

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